Strain – Gorilla Bomb (THC Bomb x GG4) by Queen of the Quads (Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG)

Smell – ripping this mylar you instantly are greeted by pungent lemon and pine mixed up hitting your nose. Very pleasant smelling strain that you’ve got no problem dipping your nose into just to catch a whiff

Smoke – clean and smooth burning, light grayish white ash, small oil ring leading the cherry throughout the entire smoke. Excellent lemony earth taste on the inhale with more of a diesel pine flavor on the exhale

High – this strain is an excellent example of a Sativa dominant hybrid. It gets you nice and baked yet completely uplifted enough to stay focused. Great strain for a daytime blaze when you want to still get shit done

Quality: It was properly named with its  dense chunky nugs, thick and compact beauties. Bright lime green coloring with a decent amount of purple, glistening in trichomes and tons of bright orange pistils throughout