Strain; Golden Peyote rated as AAA 90u flower rosin
Hybrid couldnt reference the lineages.

This was the one i got recommended at first and it didnt disappoint. It had that light creamy, fluffy a bit buttery texture with the little oxydation bubbles holes left. It has that cold cure look. Seemed like it would have been easy to handle and tacky at first glance. But it was really hard to work with, a runny creamy texture, that  runs off the dab tools super fast. In my personal experience the only time I got runny rosin like that was when pressing really fresh flower ( mine was too fresh and had a strong chlorophylle taste) not this one.

Smell was a bit muted at first but once i stired it, it became pretty odorant. Skunky a bit musky/ citrusy. All transfered really well to the taste with the muskyness coming thru first and a bit of the gassyness on the exhale. Really smooth with a clean burn and easy to clean compare to the AA batch.

The high was definitely indica dominant, a really heavy sedating strain felt super relaxed and soft. It was a heavy body high, a smile inducer/couch locker. Couldnt feel the heady sativa high almost at all. The effect lasted very long and where almost instantaneous once exhaling. Potent and long lasting even for heavy consumers.