Buds had a loosely packed structure and a decent trim with light and dark green backgrounds highlighting a plentiful number of thick fluorescent orange pistils. The buds were also teeming with many visible trichomes which made areas of the nugs look slightly whitewashed.  The bag came with minimal shake <.5 of a gram in the Oz, which is always great. Fantastic bright smells blasted from the bag with uber sour, citrus and mild creamy scents.

Strain burned well with a fluffy light grey ash finish and a moderate oil ring seen 1/3 through the joint. Smoke was smooth with the smell translating well to the taste with the addition of some earthy undertones. Buzz was felt between the eyes as pressure, trickling down to the shoulders making them feel light and relaxed. Hit with several episodes of energetic euphoria for the first 45 minutes, which then dampened into a chill vibe, where I could sit down and enjoy doing nothing. Sativa dominant hybrid ideal for day time but easily could fit some evening activities.