Strain – Goji Berry Breath (Goji OG x Mendo Breath)

Vistual/Texture – one big chunky bud accounting for the entire mylar, a unit of a nug allowing some give when squeezed, feeling fresh, spongy, greasy, and sticky. Breaking apart this beast brings to light the trichome infestation happening within. Appearing almost a bright neon green due to the amount of snow white trichomes this gargantuan is dressed up in, while actually sporting a dark emerald color underneath the avalanche. Thinner light orange pistils firing off the structure adding sharp definition to the overall vision

Scent – a sweetened exotic fragrance comes  pouring out from this girthy mass, truly unleashing its terpene emissions once ground. Your nose taking in sweet tropical aromas of berries, escorted by a more faint earthy, herbal fruitiness

Smoke – once sparked up, a lighter grey ash being produced holding some mild pepper flakes, and an oil ring surfacing shortly into the burn. Transferring over quite well to the smoke while blazing, you’re hit by the sweetened tropical fruit flavor, berry herbs, and mild earthiness. With the exhale turning towards a cedar dominant taste, including a sweetened pallet of earthy berries left to slowly linger behind

High – Goji Berry Breath a sativa swaying hybrid (60/40) bringing on some tasty flavors while getting you decently lit. After a few puffs of the joint, you’re feel a sense of elevated euphoria, while experiencing an uplifted mood. Feeling a relaxing sensation settle over you, and easing into a soothing calmness as the stone continues. A strain that brings a high that’s quite manageable for a solid daytime lift