Sticky,moist,spongy,well manicured bud,evenly distributed dark forest green and dark purple with some copper and lime green bleeding up throughout. Covered in dark orange hairs with decent crystal coverage on outside but once broken open you see some caking up taken place within and gleaming trichomes.Smell is really nice! Pungent gassy lemon citrus with some sweet berries. Taste is sweet pungent musky earthyness with some hints of sour diesel that resembles a really nice hash! Slightly harsh but potent slow burn with a salt and pepper ash. High is very intense and sedating and I’m only halfway through joint(1.5g) sunk deep in my couch with a heavy head and eyes and sinking deeper! Excellent herb overall tasted good and has me very relaxed. I’d recommend this herb for night-time smoking or easily using as a sleep aid!