God’s Green Crack from WTF Cannabis – Hybrid – (AAA)

Visual: Beautiful! The buds are very fuzzy and frosted! I loved the different colours which ranged from a bright green to a deep purple. Once I opened it up there was tons of big crystal on the inside. There were some really nice sexy patches of purple when I opened it up as well. Amazing visual!

Nose: It was a woody scent with some pine and some earthiness and some gas smell to it as well.

Roll: It was awesome to roll. It felt dusty from all the Trichomes.

Taste: The taste was a nice woody, piney flavour with a bit of gas.

Burn: The burn was awesome. It was a nice clean steady burn and it had a beautiful white ash. Nice heavy smoke too.

Potency/Effects: It was very punchy! The potency is high and I could really feel it hit me in the nose. As I smoked it I felt an uplifting sensation and a happy rush came over me. I was a bit tingly over my body with a pretty heavy buzziness. It slowed down my brain and dumbed me up a bit, haha. Really nice!

Overall score – 9.3/10