Crazy visuals that are a stark difference then the name implies; with dark purples and nearly black backgrounds with only glimpses of bright greens on the interior. The buds themselves were dense and beautifully cured oval shaped nugs with short rusty orange pistils and an outrageously thick mat of trichomes. Nearly a quarter of the heads were amber with a healthy mix of clear and cloudy making up the remainder. Smell was sweet and earthy with some possible pine undertones but wasn’t overly strong.

Thick and potent smoke that I felt fill my lungs quickly without any harshness at the back of the throat. Flavors came through with mainly sweet earth plus mild woody tastes. Burned a near white ash with some minor peppering and a small oil ring. Found the effects kicked off with a quick hit to the head with an intense uplifting and cerebral buzz. The heart started racing a bit as I felt I needed to keep myself preoccupied with a task. The increase in energy made me feel the need to get outdoors; so, a quick jaunt with the pup was perfect. An hour later found the high balanced off with some relaxing sensations felt throughout the body. A near perfect option for any daytime activities.