Strain – God’s Green Crack (God’s Gift x Green Crack)

Smell – with one of the most intriguing names, I remember when this first hit the scene many years back, and hasn’t lost its distinct scent that I remember. An aroma that comes off this strain consisting of a sweet fruit berry, with herbal pairing, while also carrying notes of an earthy, citrus essence

Smoke – burned nice and evenly with a light grey ash with salt & peppering, and a small oil ring following behind. Smoothly carrying the smell over, the inhale consisting of sweet berry, and herbs on each draw. The exhale flavor more of a citrus woodiness

High – indica edging out sativa, hybrid (65/35) making this a perfect daytime strain with a taste of both worlds. It gives you an uplifted boost of motivation, and allowing focus to stay on point.  As the high moves on, you’re met with a more relaxed head, and body bringing on a light burnout countered with heavy munchies

Quality: airy, yet crispy textured nugs rounded in shape, sticky once busted. Bright minty green sugar leaves, with undertones of dark forest equally matched with sharp purple highlights. Shorter thing darker orange pistils, and topped of with a nice spread of snow white trichomes