Despite it being such a household name, there’s something oddly exciting about ggc. This one from lowpricebud is part of their end of the year sale and came with really nice bag appeal. Plump and sticky buds that are neatly trimmed and heavily caked in trichs. Lots of orange hairs with your typical ggc colours in purples and greens.

The nose on this flower is very herbal and woodsy with a sweet, earthy finish. Really intensifies as the buds are broken up. The smell translates fairly nicely to the taste, just not as pronounced. Pretty smooth though, producing a semi-thick smoke that burns a light grey ash in a bong.

Produces a very heady and relaxing high, and begins with an immediate heaviness behind the eyes. Fairly uplifting too paired with a calming and functional body buzz. Great hybrid effects that are suitable for any activity.