This gorgeous large chunky bud is caked and gleaming in trichomes. Has colors of forest green with beautiful heavy purple throughout. This batch of God’s Green Crack is very dense with just a slight spongeyness. Trimmed magnificently and cured to perfection. The aroma is of sweet berry with a grape smell, with hints of spice an earth.

Upon smoking I was greeted with a subtle sweet creamy grape taste with hints of earth, the purple genetics come out very nicely. Had an insanely smooth smooth which made it quite a pleasure to smoke. Burned expectional in a joint being continuous and slow and fairly even the whole way through. Ash was light gray with a tad of salt b pepper.

I found this to be a medium to high potency balanced hybrid. Felt nice a heady high with an immediate onset boost of engergetic engergy after smoking. I had soothing relaxed vibe happening. Soon I was pretty relaxed feeling and sedated, making it hard to do anything.