These buds looked really nice, long, dense with a lot of dark green but with a bit less pistils. There’s a nice layer of trichs on the outside but a lot more on on the inside. The cure was great but it was also a tad dry.

This rolled really great in a joint. It burned really smooth, nice white ash with a nice greasy oil ring. Had a really nice sweet and less dominant woodsy flavour with a lingering skunky aroma. The joint burned really well. Also tasted amazing in my Solo 2. Had a more skunky/sweet taste.

This is a really nice indica, I felt really relaxed, didn’t want to leave the couch for a couple of hours. I could feel it hit in my body and head but heavier on the body. This was perfect to watch a movie/show or just space out.

Overall I would get this again. It’s a great Indica to hit before bed and will help you get a great sleep.