Huge boulders in this impressive offering from Nature’s Farm. The clarity of the sauce and the diamonds completely blew me away. If one did not know better they would probably think that these are CRC tech, remediated BHO diamonds, but nope these are solventless rosin diamonds made from high quality rosin. I found it to be a good sauce to diamond ratio as the sauce is incredibly terpene rich and has a nice sticky texture. To me the flavor had slight earthy and floral notes, with that pungent tropical fruit flavor you get from God Bud and God Bud crosses. Very pleasant and smooth on the inhale, and burns clean in my banger. The initial effects I found to be very calm, but also euphoric from the sativa in this extract’s genetics. Overtime I became deeply relaxed by the body high from the indica lineage. Good all around hybrid effects that hit me really nicely.