One thing I absolutely love about cannabis is how beautiful it can look sometimes, and this bud was no exception, it was such a gorgeous nug it was hard to want to break it apart and smoke it at all, but sacrifices must be made, blood for the blood god! 🙁 The nug is a nice dark colour, a menagerie of purples, dark greens, oranges, and blackish browns, all of which match its scent profile nicely; mossy, earthy, smells of peat and the forest. It is well cured and trimmed as well, one of the best things to see in your nugs.


After rolling myself a nice long joint of it I ventured out into the woods to enjoy the company of the Indica and the mosquitos, thankfully this strain is gassy and kept them at bay. The smoke was just as the smell predicted but smoother than anticipated, making for a joyful old school tasting smoke, one of straight gas and kush. I enjoyed it quite a bit, like a venture away from the overly terpy dabs I occasion upon, it’s good to remember the roots sometimes.


The high was a good couch chill lock with munchies and the eventual need for sleep, and the slumber brought upon by it was a nice deep one without distraction. This strain is one I would recommend definitely for those who are looking for medical relief and need something that packs a punch. Hope you enjoy it if you end up trying it out!