I’m forced to begin this review talking about the smell as it is easily the defining feature. Uber pungent skunky, sweet and musky undertones coming together to overwhelm the nose. Added food terps became prominent as I broke down the buds; with wafts of savory and funky aromas that mingled well with the other scents. The visuals are no slouch here though; with a healthy does of untouched trichomes on the dense tapered buds. The presence of the sprawling burnt orange pistils helped to provide contrast to the array of light and darker green backgrounds.  Cure and trim were also on point with a slight crisp exterior alongside an impressively sticky interior. The trichomes were numerous, with fat clear and cloudy heads atop milky stalks.

Smoke broke from the smell with mainly spicy, herbal, and earthy flavors. Found the effects hit me with some immediately relaxing effects that left me with a heady stone and lovely bouts of euphoria. The relaxing effects progressively got more dominant as I found myself becoming fairly slothlike with physical tasks seeming more laborious then they ought to be.  Sedative effects were undoubtable present and in larger doses would likely present a serious potential for couchlock.  Great visuals, more impressive smell/taste with potent Indica leaning hybrid effects have me really enjoying my first experience with this strain.