GMO Cookie rated as indica.
A cross of GSC x Chemdog.

Medium to small nugs, elongated dense and tight. With an exterior coated in trichomes a couple heads where ruffed up on the exterior but the inside was well coated. Still a nice humidity, stems are easy to flex but need 2 hands and pressure to snap. Left my fingers so sticky light pressure and its like glue you gotta shake it off. This one had a couple premature seeds and husk.

Smell was funky not too strong but once grinded you get garlic like notes my friend refered to it has vegetable ramens ahah. It does have that earthy garlic like smell. The smoke was a bit spicy and tangy almost harsh probably the seeds. It burned smooth left a bit of a salt and pepper ash more on the salty side.

The high was long lasting, euphorising and relaxing a great strain to end the night on. It wont lock you on the couch immediatly but after indulging a lot, you’ll be ready for bed.