GMO  Indica
A cross of GSC x Chemdawg

Different shades of greens under a super heavy blanket of healthy trichomes. Packs of short stalked and big juicy intact heads all over. Foxtail bursting thru on each buds, just stacks of calyxes packed with resin on each another. Again perfectly handled pristine buds

Classic GMO nose garlic funk. It got more fragrant as i broke nugs and busted trichomes heads. Tasted similar to the Fatso i go a week or so ago funky garlic with a coffeeish background. Burned smooth all white ash with a couple darker specs.

It feels like it looks super potent haha. Closes the eyes and relaxes the body instantly as you exhale from a big rip. Leaves a gradual pressure near the eyes that keeps on building thru the session i felt euphoric and relaxed. Definetly something to keep for night time the buzz is heavy and it last long.