Nice packaging, informative label with detailed strain information specific to the strain inside.

Smell was fairly muted out of the bag, but when squeezed and broken up, notes of a familiar earthy, sweet and creamy smell came through followed by a slight musky kush smell.
Not overpowering, not strong enough to fill a room or anything but did emit a noticeable odor.

Dry pulls off a joint came through more kushy than the smell.

Burned evenly, with darker ash. A slight chocolatey flavour when smoked in a joint, didn’t get much of the zingy smell I got from the bag. Smoked pretty smooth, little bit of coughing but it didnt make me hack up a lung.

Nice hybrid buzz, focused and in the moment with a very noticeable body stone.

Priced fairly, accurately priced compared to other strains of similar quality on the market.