Appeal: Having a fantastic coating of trichomes with a nice green to the buds. There is beautiful purple throughout the well rounded nugs.

Density: Having a firm near rock hard density, with very little spongeyness to them.

Smell: Aroma is of a sweet cookie and notes of earth.

Trim/Cure: Cured on point not being to dry or moist. Trimmed to near perfection

Taste: Upon smoking I was greeted a sweet cookie taste with a slight notes of earthyness.

Burn: Burned near perfect burn in a joint, being slow and even the whole way through the joint. The ash was light gray and there was a grease ringer going on.

Potency: I found this to be a medium to high potency balanced hybrid.

High: I was left feeling quite pleasant with a nice europhia. I was sociable while being semi relaxed feeling. After a bit I was pretty lazy feeling and a bit couch locked.