I honestly never thought shatter could be so tasty. There’s an almost indescribable flavour which is reminiscent of a minty candy. There’s a strong pungent sweet and piney/minty aroma with fruity, sour, and musky/earthy undertones. This terpene profile translates absolutely perfectly into an even stronger flavor which is mostly sweet/fruity and minty. Honestly it’s probably one of my favorite flavour profiles I’ve ever experienced. This shatter is also incredibly stable and easy to work with, while it sometimes shatters like crazy most of the time I’m able to break off the exact piece that I want. I combined two grams together so this pic may look darker and less translucent than a single gram but regardless it still has a beautiful amber-gold colour. The burn is very clean, leaving no residue and making for a very smooth smoke. The high is a bit of a creeper, slowly hitting with an intense mental stimulation and euphoria which leaves you wanting to do something exciting but also leaves you in a hazy space where nothing really seems to matter. This is by far the best shatter I have ever tried. Absolutely love it and couldn’t recommend it enough. 💯👌🔥