Ghost Bubba from SpeedGreens

Visual: Wow! This bud was HUGE! It was one massive 6g bud. It was a bit leafy but there was still lots of small compact sparkly crystal all over it, especially on the tip. There were a few shades of green and some dark green/black colours as well. It was quite dense.

Nose: The nose was very light when I first smelled it and when I opened it up I got more of the nose which was an earthy herbal spiciness but it was still a bit light.

Cut/Roll/Grind: It was very easy to cut and grind.

Taste: The taste was still that earthy herbal spice but more potent.

Burn: It burn was good but the ash was a little bit dark.

Potency/Effects: It was not very punchy for me but it built up well into a decent potency. It was a very relaxing and mellow effect which would be good for chilling on the couch late at night or to help with sleep. It didn’t get my mind racing at all.

Overall score – 8.9/10