Tight medium sized oval shaped bud with a wickedly dark purple and black tinged background alongside some darker greens and thick fiery orange pistils. The nugs were nicely trimmed and sticky as you broke it down. The bud was slightly compressed but there was a solid amount of short complete trichomes on the interior, which were mainly all cloudy and clear. Smells were mainly sweet with some minor skunky notes but weren’t all that strong. However, as you broke down the bud you were met with some seriously pungent citrus, sour and fruity notes; which was a huge contrast to the initial nose.
Strain burned well with a slow and even burn with a small oil ring; producing some crazily smooth clouds. Flavors were mainly sweet with some minor berry flavors on exhale. Effects came on slowly with mild cerebral effects felt first; followed by a moderate body load which helped me relax and mellow out. Medium potency strain makes it an ideal option for basically anytime of the day.