Some of the best AAA I’ve had my hands on in recent memory. Large nugs with a reasonable trim, visibly coated in trichs. Dense and sticky to the touch, despite being a bit leafy.

Wonderful nose that highlights both strains in the mix. Pine, gas with sweet citrus and creamy earthiness. Smooth and gas are the main takeaways.

Burns a bit harsh with salt and pepper ash. Terps are more on the Rockstar side of things, gas and pine with a bit of the smooth citrus from the Gelato. Very delicious!

Very heavy hitter. Quickly on-setting cerebral buzz that soars with intensity. Pleasant feelings of pressure and warmness throughout the body – this Gelato Rockstar also produced a headband effect for me. Settles to a mellow and relaxing buzz that calms the body and mind without burnout.

Complex effects from a combination of two of my favorite strains, really solid and a definite standout at the AAA rating/price point.