These purpled out and impeccably caked buds are called Gelato. The buds are real dense with the ever slightest spongeyness to them. The trim is near perfect and cure is on point being perfect. The aroma is of sweet musky cookie with hints of citrus and earth.

While smoked in a joint it burned perfect being slow even and continuous. The ash was gray and there was a grease ringer. The smoke was superbly smooth and had a succelent creamyness to it. Tasted of a dank sweet creamy cookie with citrus notes.

This is a medium to high potentcy indica dominate hybrid. Immediately after smoking I felt europhic and a heady high. A calmness washed over me and positiveness. Soon I felt pretty relaxed and a good bit of sedation. I was not totally couch locked to the point of not being able to get up.