A Cross between Its It (Gelato and Mint Chocolate Chip) x Cookies and Cream. Arrived as small olive shaped buds, which were somewhat dense with a near perfect cure being crisp/brittle on the exterior; yet with a sticky interior.  The buds had some dark purples and light greens; brigh tbut were nearly drowned out by the sea of milky resin. Only the bright orange pistils stood out in contrast to the layers of long milky stalks and clear and cloudy heads on display under a macro lens. I found the smell to be delicious with some sweet doughy, earthy and mild coffee aromas.

Flavors were again prominent with smooth plumes of enjoyable and distinct creamy, earthy and kush notes. Burned well in a joint with a fluffy light grey ash nearing white. Found that I had some nice hazey eyes and some euphoric vibes that had me feeling happy with a heady stone withing the first 5 minutes. This was later followed by some moderately potent body effects that mellowed out the buzz and had me feeling lazy/relaxed. Nice all around hybrid effect for me without any serious sedation. Could likely smoke anytime in the day but would fit the bill when I needed to unwind after work.