Gelato Cookie rated as AAAA Hybrid Indica dominant. A cross from : Thin Mint Cookies x Sunset Sherbert.

Smallish arrowhead shaped nuggets with a decent trichomes coverage. Bright green with hints of dark forest and a little purple hues. A couple headless stalks here and there on the exterior it was on the dry side.

Smell was really muted i got faint doughy and gassy notes when broke nothing too crazy. Seemed a bit oldish. Transfered to the taste faintly too but was a bit harsh. It burned fast and left a bit of a dusty ash.

The effects where although nice and rather strong. An immediate euphoric vibe delivered by an intense headrush. Lightly relaxing but not sedating great for mid day during weekend or evening night time before heavier Indicas. Overall i woulnt say those where quads maybe AAA+.