This gelato here is one of the most memorable times I’ve had the strain, and for many reasons too. For starters, it has a lovely appearance. Medium to large, well manicured buds, that are heavily caked in trichomes and sport just the loveliest shades of purples and greens. Fluffy yet a little dense in the center, with virtually no leaf and plenty of orange hairs. A little crispy on the outside, but plenty sticky within. A day or two with an integra helped make them perfect again.

The terpene profile of this gelato is mouthwatering. Sweet, doughy, and tart notes that remind me of freshly baked goods. Some soft and pleasant vanilla undertones as well. A very enjoyable and smooth smoking flower that burns a light coloured ash in a joint. I was really taking some big rips and didn’t even feel the urge to cough.

Starts off with quite the head high, providing uplifting and euphoric effects to go along with a very calming body stone. Becomes more relaxing as the high builds with a functional couch lock that’s perfect for binge watching shows. Really enjoyed this one overall.