One of my favorite batches of Astro XO of all time but also one of the most disappointing. I love the smoke on these buds, but a lot of these bags are scraggly smalls/borderline shake.

Bag appeal aside, nose on these bags is insane. Insanely pungent orange creamsicle scent that stinks up the whole room. Smells like dessert.

Smokes to pure white ash with a super creamy, sweet, orange creamsicle exhale.

Produces an incredibly relaxing hybrid buzz that has you feeling heavy behind the eyes. Cerebral is on relaxation mode with a steady euphoria.

Fairly potent but this stuff doesn’t mess you up like the Astropink line does. Flavor, potency, smoke and taste are all on point. Bag appeal is ridiculously inconsistent.

Compared to the other Gelato 33s on this side of the border, this Astro XO delivers the closest terp profile to that of the Cookie Fam’s Larry Bird (in my opinion of course). Hard to justify at the tag but it is worth a try!