Gelato from BC Medi Chronic

Visual: The visual on this Gelato was pretty funky. It was quite dark and frosty overall. It looks like a heavy Indica and it hits like an Indica but it is a balanced hybrid. It was very dense and it had a good moisture level to it.

Nose: There was a big peppery spicy nose to it. It was a bit musky and I could smell a bit of the citrus too.

Cut/Roll/Grind: The grind was a bit harder because of how squishy and sticky it was.

Taste: I got lots of that peppery spicy flavour. It was nice and pungent.

Burn: It burnt nice and slow and steady and the ash was very light.

Potency/Effects: This Gelato had a good punch to it and the potency was great for me! It hit more like an Indica than a hybrid. I got a good buzzy effect that started in my head and travelled down into my body. It was quite a heavy smoke. I enjoyed it!

Overall score – 9.4/10