Extremely dark purple backgrounds with some streaks of forest greens helped to set the scene for the thick fiery orange pistils to really pop on these buds. Really dense with an obvious hand trim; the stout based buds taper off into thin tipped ends. Copious amount of resin sugar the bud’s exterior, with an abundant amount of visible short milky and amber trichome heads in every crevice. The smell took my two days to pin down. It is as enjoyable as it is complex with sweet, creamy, and sour notes mingling in your nostrils after every whiff.

Burn was very even burning in a joint ending in white ash. Instantly after smoking you notice a subtle pressure behind the eyes; suddenly changing into an immense weight as your eyes feel the need to squint. Soon after it was impossible to conceal the fact that your eyes were completely glazed over. This buzz was very comforting as the body load settled in the chest; with warmth and relaxation emanating to the rest of the limbs. Another strain suited for coaxing yourself to enjoy the moment and relax. For me this also several bouts of laughing intermittently over the next two hours with a smile plastered to my face. Absolute joy to smoke.