Medium to smaller buds with some extra leaf left on atop the minty/dark green backgrounds alongside some touches of purple. Rusty orange to brown pistils that were short and thin were found crawling amongst the crevices. Moisture level was a touch on the dry side with it feeling pretty dry to the touch coming out of the bag. Found the buds lacked some of the heads on the exterior but in the interior had some short stalked milky and amber heads. Smells were typical of Gelato with those sweet and doughy aromas I’m usually after; but can’t say it was overly pungent.
Found it burned a light grey ash with a small oil ring ahead of the ember. Found the smoke to be relatively smooth but did notice a bit of a tickle on the back of the throat which may have been related to the moisture level. Flavors were fairly earthy and spicy/herbal with some mild creaminess on exhale. Effects had me feeling the buzz mainly above the shoulders with a slightly energizing cerebral high. Made it simple to rip around the household and get shit done; or hammer away at a few of these reviews I’ve been working on. Likely a decent daytime option for me.