This particular strain from BHOthority had won some awards so when I saw the drop I went for it right away, always enjoyed a good Gelato and this did not disappoint.

This particular can arrived and i opened it to a pleasant sweet  gassy aroma that comes with any good Gelato strains you find. The buds visually were on the smaller side for the most part but I was told about this ahead of time so it was not a bad surprise, however regardless of the size, these nugs had a look where you knew it was going to pack a punch.

What followed in smoke was exactly that. A classic sweet and gassed out cloud, where the lingering sweetness remained in aftertaste. Effects are immediate as this flower is as strong as they look, smoke too much and end up couchbound. When this drops it is usually quite limited so may be hard to find a deal at times on it but if you like your strong Gelatos, I would give it a shot!