Gelat.OG is an interesting cross between Gelato x OG Kush. The buds themselves were long yet uniform nugs with every inch coated in thick layer of complete trichomes visible to the naked eye. Clear and cloudy upon closer inspection. The resin helped to highlight the bright green and forest green backgrounds with plenty of vivid orange pistils. The smell was fantastic with gassy and sweet notes alongside some mild doughy/creamy aromas.

Smoked well in a joint with a light and fluffy grey ash, decent oil ring and slow consistent burn. Flavors mirrored the smells well with sweet gassy tastes prominent on exhale. ¬†Found the stone immediately hit my temples with a sensation of mild pressure followed closely by solid euphoria making me feel giddy. As the first hour passed this progressed into heavy eyelids and a slow and relaxed mindset; as it became more difficult to string thoughts together. Either due to being overly stoned or a lack of motivation. I was then met with some definite sedative effects as I rapidly became more sloth-like. Beautiful appearance, pungent smell, with a solid burn and flavor. I’ll be on the lookout for this strain in the future.