Gelato rated as Hybrid
A cross of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies

Came in as a couple nuggets pretty generic looking, nice trim and compact light green with orange pistil. Not much of a coating outside, moslty headless stalks and classic mostly small stalks and smaller heads inside.

The smell was also super faint at first felt like with how hard and compact they where it kind of trapped the aroma inside. Once grinded it really came alive in a pleasant surprising way. Super doughy with citrusy hints and  earthy dank background. A bit of a gray ash with darker specs. It left a nice greasy ring on bigger joints after about a half.

Overall its a nicely euphorising lightly unwinding but well balanced. Used this one a lot before training without any downer. Great to keep track of your work, not too hazy/fuzzy to keep you from concentrating. Great almost anytime smoke just wouldnt use it as a wake and bake.