Strain – Gassy Muerte

Smell – there’s good reason for this strain to have the gassy attachment on its name. Containing the fumes of this bud within the mylar, once busted out you’re introduced to the terpenes this reeks of. The aroma coming off consists of powerful diesel, pungent floral, and a touch of sweet skunkiness lingering in the background

Smoke – a perfect carry over from the nose to the taste, with each inhale bringing forth the gaseous diesel combined with the deep floral  flavors, the exhale transitions to a herbal, cedar with occasional spicy notes added in. The burning joint was quickly gummed up in resin, which got thicker through the burn, and it sported a  light grey ash

High – being an indica leaning hybrid (70/30) this is better blazed up later day or into the evening. Resulting in decreased motivation, while gaining an increase in relaxation, pain is removed, and euphoria is heightened. It also comes with a burnout that is worth taking note of

Quality: grape shaped bud of smaller stature, with a light lime coloring, and darker forest colored undertones. Decent squeeze with some sponginess, and an awaiting sticky resin fueled interior once busted open. Very little sugar leaf presence, having darker orangish, red thin lengthy pistils, and glimmering in some icy crystal trichomes