Gasmask from WTF Cannabis – Indica Dominant Hybrid – (AAA)

Visual: The buds were small to medium sized. The colour was a light army green and there was quite a bit of small crystals inside and out. It was very dense.

Nose: The nose was very piney with a bit of citrus and a hint of gassiness. It was quite pungent.

Roll: It rolled up great and it was a bit sticky.

Taste: The taste was even more pungent that the nose. It was a piney flavour with an eathiness.

Burn: It burnt very well and It had a nice light ash.

Potency/Effects: It had a good potency level. It hit me in the nose a little bit and it provided a good buzz. The effects were an initial uplifting high that changed into a deep relaxing state after a bit,

Overall score – 8.9/10