These gorgeous well rounded buds have a milky light green appearance from being so caked in trichomes. The buds are ranging from small to medium size and have a semi dense to dense structure with a slight spongeyness to them. Cured impeccably well and trimmed to near perfection. The buds busted up so nicely and easily with scissors having a desirable fluffyness. This stunning flower has a pungnent aroma of a dank sweet earthy herbal scent with notes of garlic.


While smoked I tasted a pleasant herbal earthy garlicyness. Had a ultra smooth creamy smoke. When burned in a joint it boasted a nice grease ringer with a light gray ash. Burned perfect the whole way through. This was ridiculously good for tasting like garlic.


This is a high potency indica dominate hybrid. I had a major boost of creativity and was put into a europhic state of mind. It did not take long for me to become pretty sedated feeling and lazy making me not want to do anything.