Do not let the darker appearance of this hash rosin fool you! The terps are loud with a crazy clean and smooth smoke and top notch potency. The flower used for this was ran an extra 4 weeks and had about 75% amber heads at the time of harvest. This explains the crazy heavy potency and the darker colour! The terps definitely live up to the name with dank nutty garlic and melted salty butter notes present in face slapping fashion. The aroma is a ridiculously deep, strong, and pungent savory spice with fresh musky earth and sweet piney dank overtones. This translates very nicely into a subtle yet quite mouth watering flavour. The profile is very savory and nutty with dank notes mixed in and a very light sweet piney overtone. The smoke is unbelievably enjoyable with a beautifully rich inhale and exhale. As the smoke leaves your mouth it almost feels like a coating of warm grease is left behind. This mouthfeel is truly outstanding. Unfortunately it does leave a bit of a darker residue on the banger but it’s no issue for a q-tip and some isopropyl. Next to the incredible mouthfeel, the high you get from this hash is also outstanding. It starts off fairly light and hazey but it soon morphs into an extremely heavy and set in body load that leaves you absolutely glued to your seat. I feel this predominantly in the top of my head and it very slowly trickles down throughout the rest of the body. This is matched with a perfect mental clarity and peace of mind that just leaves you totally blissed out. It feels like you become internally silent. This is an amazing high for getting into introspective and/or meditative states. Absolutely amazing late night smoke whether you plan to go to bed or not. Overall I am beyond impressed with this gear and can’t believe the unreal value. Totally unbeatable. 💯👌🤤