Strain – Garlic Breath (Hogsbreath x Chemdog D BX2)

Visual/Texture – the nugs coming smaller to medium in size, oval shaped, boasting mostly a lighter shading of mossy green, with some notes of lime green, and casting vivid black highlights over the entire structures. Several thin lengthy pistils colored fire orange stretching out from within, and drenched by a thick wall of snow white trichomes. Bud structures fresh to the squeeze, nice and semi-spongy, and sticky on the inside when cracked apart, with an extremely resinous outcome after handling

Scent – the potent stench being held within these buds is unleashed as soon as you tear into the bag. Tossing its pungent scent into the air, creating a stink of straight gassy terpenes. Reeking mostly of heavy garlic you also are hit with a diesel, and herbal funk aroma

Smoke – smooth intakes throughout the entire session, carrying a nice light grey ash, and completely buttered right up in oil after a couple puffs. I found this had a flawless translation from the nose to taste, bringing that deep garlic, gassy, herbal, and funky coffee profiled blend all coming with the inhale. Consisting of very similar notes while exhaling with an added spiciness and continued garlic flavoring continuing its linger on the palate
High – Garlic Breath a heavier indica tilted hybrid (70/30) that brings on a cool calmness as a soothing sense of relaxation washes over you. Straight elevating your mood, and arousing your creativity to heightened levels.  Burn out barely existent, loading on heavy eyes, and hunger pangs definitely occuring. Perhaps an acquired taste, being a fan myself, it’s one of those strains that has no negative results when twisting up, day or evening either being a solid option