Strain – G31 (G13 x OG 18)

Smell – I had never heard of this strain before so I knew this was one to try. Very unique nose that carries a cheese with peppery hints on it. Really stanky bud with some really funky terpenes reeking off this

Smoke – long burning, fairly smooth stuff with an earthy tasting inhale and almost peppery taste when exhaled. Ash was a lighter salt & pepper with a small oil ring

High – fairly decent potency, good for later day or evening time sessions. Found it to be a good head high, leaving you nice and spacey and definitely found it be quite relaxing with pain relief. Better to just relax when puffing om this strain with an open game plan

Quality: Big thick nugs most covered in bright orange pistils, good trichome dusted, and of light green lime color. All buds were dense with a slight bit of squeeze, and were nicely trimmed up