Small tightly structed buds with a trichome coverage that gives it a slightly greasy appearance in certain areas. Wonderfully dark shades of purple alongside light and deep forest greens plus fat rich orange pistils make for some eye-catching visuals. A close look shows very short stalked trichomes that are tightly arranged with mainly clear and cloudy heads. Likely the reason this strain felt so sticky and resinous on the fingertips.  In some areas the stalks also took on some beautifully deep purple hues. Smells coming from the nugs was refreshing with woody and zesty lime and gas undertones. These were not incredibly apparent on arrival but after a day in a jar assaulted my nostrils relentlessly.

Found the smells came through perfectly on the smoke with the same clean and sharp notes of citrus, woody and diesel. The smoke itself felt nicely smooth and burned evenly in a joint with a respectable resin ring a fluffy salt and pepper ash. The effects were surprisingly uplifting, cerebral and energizing for a cross of GMO and Blissful Wizard as I expected heavy Indica tendencies. Rather, was met with a potent stoney cerebral high that only became balanced about 45 minutes in when a relaxing and moderately heavy body stone kicked in. Still found I felt fairly uplifted throughout the buzz with little to no sedation; making this a great daytime option.