This will be the second time I’ve had the chance to try out Chef’s edibles and once again found myself really enjoying them. I’ve mentioned this before; I’m generally a candy fanatic IRL. So the thing I appreciate the most about these candies is the likeness they have to the original candy they are intended to represent. Like the OG these had a very soft and squishy consistency with a even coating of sugar on the exterior. The flavor was again nearly identical however I found these to be slightly sweeter with slightly less tartness at the tailend. Makes it challenging to stop myself from going overboard on the dosage; as I could easily inhale these. To the touch the sugary exterior had a mildly wet feel but didn’t seem to make any sort of mess; just seemed fresh.
Too two candies; one of each colour and that was great. Found the effects hit about 40 minutes later with a sensation of euphoria and deep muscle relaxation. Made it difficult to get anything done as it was just so enjoyable to do nothing. 1.5 hours in this effect only accentuated; making me feel quite slothlike and sluggish. This made my decision to relax and watch a movie; an easy one. Accurate visuals, flavors, feel and solid effects make this an all-around winner.