Between the two I tried this was my favourite; but this could be a preference thing. The candies here were again spot on and brought on some nostalgia as a few of these have always been my favourite. With all these the consistency was spot on with a candy that felt firm to the touch with a “chew” to exterior before you were met with the soft interior. Once again Chef knows his shit when trying to be consistent with replicating a candy.  Taste was also spot on with the strawberries being my favourite. If you’ve had them before you would know they ae almost sickeningly sweet with a syrupy taste in the non-medicated version and it was a perfect match. If there was option to get a bag of solely this candy; it would be hard to convince me to try anything else. The peaches and green apple were again exactly right with a tiny bit more tartness noticed. I have never been a fan of watermelon candies as they always seem overly artificial but again it seemed to be comparable to the original on the flavor profile (again nothing wrong; just a personal preference).

I again tried another 50mg with similar results that were consistent with my last two experiences. It’s not something I ever doubted but I am happy to personally say the dosage seems very consistent. Around 45 minutes to an hour found the effects start to increase to the point of feeling relaxed and carefree with moderate to strong physical effects taking over and peaking around the 1.5-2-hour mark. Great way to spend an evening as it really helps me wind down; I’m generally someone that can’t sit still but this helps me slow down and enjoy the moment. Once again impressed by chefs options; easily my favourite edible producer in the candy department.