Very nice shaping and consistency, soft but firm at the same time. Lightly dusted with the perfect amount of sugar. Not greasy to touch. There’s 5 different flavors in the bag each with their own unique flavoring to their color and all mildy sour with the very tiniest amount of weed flavoring, but only noticeable if you eat multiple’s back to back, and goes away very quickly, overall delicious. For this review I ate 1 of each color totaling 50 mgs(did not want to go to outer space like I did with the bear head, i’m an edibles lightweight). 30 minutes after eating I have a very warming high, with the feeling a heavy oncoming sedation keeping me in my seat. At low dosage depending on your tolerance they provide a very calming and relaxing high, however they taste so good that you might have a hard time eating the correct amount.