These full spectrum peach slice candies came in a stylish package containing 8 pieces of 25mg each for a total of 200mg per pack. Has a glossy surface that feels a bit oily and is perfectly coated with sugar, also feels very dense but still fresh & squishy. I gave my wife these edibles in hopes they would relieve some pain & help her get a more consistent sleep during the night.

She took a single 25mg piece and noticed it has the exact same taste and texture of the Fuzzy Peach candies that we ate lots of as kids, as well as that the first bite is a bit more tangy and has a slight weed taste that goes away as you chew and becomes very sweet & peachy tasting. The effects were felt 20 minutes after eating making her feel fuzzy and ready for bed as she could barely keep her eyes open. Was able to sleep uninterrupted for 7 hours which is a big improvement from being up hourly in pain. Overall these are great tasting & accurately dosed edibles that she plans on keeping on hand for pain relief.