This flower is insanely gorgeous and truly lives up to the name with a jaw dropping terpene profile. I was extremely impressed right away and can never really seem to get enough. The nugs are fairly thick and chunky with a crazy snow white trichome coat. They also have a perfect consistency for joints with an exceptional trim and structure. The aroma is very strong and unique, there’s a sweet tropical fruit mixed with a very pungent dank and a hard to describe doughy/earthy undertone. Once busted up it gets even sweeter with an added sharp citrus chemical candy tone. This translates into a mouthwatering sweet candy that fills your entire mouth and stays lingering long after smoke. On exhale you get a dank cake undertone that accents the fruity candy very nicely. This is honestly some of the terpiest and most flavourful flower I’ve had in a while. The burn is also perfect with pure white ash. The smoke is very clean and smooth but there’s a bit of a throat tingle on exhale. The high feels like a strong hybrid that isn’t super sedating or overwhelming but is definitely super enjoyable. It’s more of a relaxing euphoric haze which is great for any time of the day. This flower is an absolute treat to smoke and I would honestly love to have it as a regular in my rotation. Very impressed with this gear😤🏆