Had the opportunity to try the same strain in popcorn version. Nice and dense with a deep rich purple that were more prominent then in the full-sized buds. Moisture levels also appeared on par with a crusty exterior and sticky interior. Compared to the full sized buds; the popcorn did have a bit more leaf but this was minor; and added bright green colours that seemed to elevate the visuals. The smell was just as prominent with the same enticing overly rich and sweet fruit notes alongside some undertones of sour citrus.

Smoke was again heavy on the lungs but smooth on the throat with thick smoke and t similarly delicious rich fruity flavors. I would have a hard (likely impossible) time deciphering them apart in a blind smoke off. Same Indica leaning effects had me wanting to do little. I had smoked a bit more on this occasion and found myself fighting the weight of my eyelids after a joint and a couple bong rips.