Large stocky bud was near perfectly trimmed bud with some serious density to boot; the moisture level was also fantastic producing a nice clean snap as you broke off portions of the nug. The exterior sparkled with a thick blanket of resin that seemed to make it glisten in the light; giving it a sugary appearance. The background colours of rich purples, bright vibrant greens and fat rusty orange pistils crawling along the exterior also made it easy on the eyes. Even with the visuals being on point, the smell was the real star. Providing rich overly sweet and almost creamy berry aromas; alongside some mild sour citrus notes that helps to balance the scent out. A smell I really can’t get enough of.

Found the flavor translated nearly perfectly without any of the citrus noted in the smell; delivering on sweet smooth and rich berry tastes. Found the smoke to be smooth on the throat but expansive on the lungs with a noticeable “pull “as I exhaled. Burned nicely in a joint with a slow burn and notable oil ring; with a salt and pepper ash. Found the effects leaned mostly towards a euphoric and relaxing high that made the body feel heavy. The effects seemed to take their time; slowly creeping up on me until I noticed feeling lethargic and chill. Will shine in the evening but could likely still be an option mid-day; not something that will provide energy or motivation though.