This would be the first time I’ve reviewed shake before so bear with me. . The product had a fair amount of sugar leaf with some miniature buds (smaller than popcorn) but there were also a small number of stems found throughout the half. Fresh feeling the green and light purple shake had a decent moisture level as it appeared to clump together with some mild stickiness. I was also surprised but the smell was potent with a skunky, citrus and pine nose. I did try smoking this in a small pipe and through a vaporizer; which both provided a mainly cerebral buzz felt above the shoulders; with a minor body load felt as relaxed muscles later.

I did need to remove some stem from the product prior to doing so; but the bowl burned decent with a light fluffy grey ash with some mild darker peppering. There was some harshness to the smoke; felt as a dry throat afterwards. The flavor did come through moreso in the vaporizer with noticeable pine and earthy notes. I could see the value in the product better suited for creating edibles which I may dabble with in the future.i