My favourite for visuals of the three I received, with the other two making for a difficult decision. Long fat spear-like nugs with varying degrees of light greens alongside veins of dark purples on a few of the buds; all behind a thick veil of matted trichomes. This makes for such a cool contrast in some areas as some of the darker colours really pop against the milky white resin.  On closer inspection the stalks were somewhat opaque; with glassy, milky and lesso amber heads spread throughout. Buds were crazily sticky to the touch, which was also true in the grinder as I broke them down. Smells coming out of the jar were a smooth herbal and mildly gassy aroma with what I thought to be some hints of  pine one the tailend. Somewhat addictive and refreshing at the same time.

The burn in a joint created a decent oil ring rather quickly and the smoke was smooth but really pulled on the lungs as I exhaled. The flavors weren’t overly strong compared to the nose but definitely still present.  Hit with herbal notes taking the forefront with some herbal/spicy sweetness and mild gassy tastes following up. Found the effects hit me between the eyes quickly with rather heady effects that made me feel dopey and clumsy. This rather quickly combined with a feeling of being weighed down as I felt relaxed and calm. The effects were potent yet balanced, leaning a bit more to the Indica realm as my “get-up-and-go” became a “sit back and relax” about an hour in. Out of the 3 the MKU (coming next) reigns supreme in the flavor and potency department. However, the Field Trip was perfectly handled/cured, possessed over the top bag appeal, and had balanced effects making for a versatile smoke.

Either way @thesilvah is making this  challenging to pick a favourite out of the 3 strains so far.