Strain – Exodus Cheese (Skunk x Cheese)

Smell – this strain has a really potent stank coming off of it which immediatly over takes the whole presence of a room. Crazy terpenes of skunky, earthy, cheese and sweet pine. Super sweet cheesy smelling nose, not quite the cheese smell I’ve had before

Smoke – overall it’s a fairly smooth smoke, nice and sweet skunky earth tasting on the inhale, and moving to earthy pine tones on the exhale, with the lingering sweet cheese taste becoming more present. Salt and pepper light grey ash with a greasy oil ring included

High – knew what to expect havingpacks a bit of heat on this strain, nice head high. Found this to be more of a later day or evening high. Leans more towards the lazy side and lounging around seemed more ideal post toast

Quality: really compact buds fairly dense with a crispy exterior, the whole zip consisting of small to medium sized nugs. Really great looking lime to medium shaded buds along with plenty of purple hues, a sparkling layer of trichomes, and quite a few bright copper pistils poking throughout the entire structures